The Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM)

PSTT has supported the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) since 2013. In September 2018, to ensure its continued delivery and development, PSTT increased its support for PSQM through a five year collaboration with the University of Hertfordshire.

The Primary Science Quality Mark is a developmental accreditation programme enabling primary schools in the UK to improve science education through effective science leadership and school self-evaluation.

PSQM began in 2009 by working with 12 schools with the aim of raising the profile of science in primary schools through developing, sharing and celebrating good practice. Since then, over 3000 schools have achieved a Primary Science Quality Mark and there are now over 80 hub

leaders delivering PSQM across all parts of the UK and beyond. PSQM training is focused on developing science subject leadership capacity, confidence and skills with the intention that all teachers and pupils benefit through raised standards.

In January 2019, PSQM produced a special issue of Primary Science, published by the Association for Science Education (ASE). Edited by Jane Turner, the director of PSQM, this collection of articles explores the wide benefits of being involved with PSQM. Articles are written by subject leaders from schools working towards a first award and from schools aiming for PSQM gilt or outreach, and by hub leaders who describe the process from their perspectives. The issue is free to access for all – click here to download it.