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SSERC is a Local Authority shared service that provides support across all 32 Scottish Local Education Authorities. Its support for primary science is delivered through three core strands:

  • The provision of career-long professional learning (CLPL) opportunities for teachers across Scotland.
  • As an advisory service providing health and safety advice and guidance.
  • As lead coordinator for the STEM Ambassador hubs in Scotland, giving schools opportunities for wider STEM engagement

SSERC provides two distinct types of career-long professional learning programmes: systematic and open. The systematic programmes include the Primary Cluster Programme and the follow on Sustain and Extend Programme. Supported by core funding from PSTT, these programmes train teachers nominated by their Local Authorities or School Clusters to become science and technology mentors. The mentors are supported to design and implement a bespoke CLPL programme to meet the needs of the colleagues in their clusters. The open programmes are primary science professional learning courses ranging from twilight sessions to two day residential experiences and are available to any teacher who wants to participate.

For more information about SSERC’s support for primary science and technology, or to sign up to receive their free termly bulletin, please click here.


  • Development of a series of SSERC-meets: live, interactive web based CPD sessions that can be accessed remotely
  • Increased collaboration between schools and improved primary to secondary tranisition through science intiatives
  • Production of termly SSERC Primary and Secondary Bulletins which offer a variety of practical science and technology activities to support the curriculum


Key areas:

  • Effective and innovative primary-secondary transition - fieldwork and sports science workshops for teachers
  • Effective development and delivery of professional learning to schools in remote areas via SSERC_Meets
  • Mentoring and coaching in primary science through the Primary Cluster Programme


Full details will be available soon.


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